After nearly 40 years in the concrete and construction industries, Dennis Lura had seen just about every jobsite, challenge and concrete pour imaginable. Through it all, he recognized something was missing. That “something” was a roller screed that could handle any pour, while also being easy to own, operate and transport. Committed to providing the solution to heavy, cumbersome roller screeds, Lura launched his own company with a mission to create a better way. After years of tweaking and perfecting his design, the world's premier roller screed system, the Lura Roller Screed system, was born. 

Featuring a lightweight and ideally-balanced, yet rugged and durable design, the Lightning Strike takes the hassle out of screed operation while ensuring superior slabs every time.

Since its official launch in 2005, the Lura roller screed has won multiple awards, and been utilized on some of the most unique, cutting-edge projects across the U.S. and all over the world. Particularly notable is the Lura Roller Screed’s superior performance on pervious concrete pours. With the “green” movement gaining significant traction in recent years with continuing growth, pervious (or permeable) concrete is becoming more popular – and in higher demand – than ever before.

With specialized pervious technicians on staff, the Lura screed has been designed with pervious concrete in mind, featuring a lightweight, ideally balanced design that provides the optimal cutting and compressing ability necessary for the perfect pervious pour. No sandbags, no manual pushing, no extra work.

What began as one contractor and a vision has quickly grown into one of the most innovative, versatile and efficient products on the market today. From crowns to circular, sloped to side-by-side, the Lura Roller Screed system outshines all others and is the most efficient, effective and easy-to-operate screed available. Any jobsite, any application – every pour.


Lura Enterprises is proud to manufacture the Lightning Strike Roller Screed in the heart of the Midwest. At our headquarters in Fargo, ND, we manufacture and supply all screeds and components while providing extensive product support, as well as responsive parts and service. Our team of experienced concrete professionals is available to consult on applications, provide troubleshooting advice and help configure the right screed package for your specific needs.

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