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Jobs You Thought Were Impossible Are Just A Screed Away From Possible


The Lura Screed's aluminum design is lightweight yet rugged, and capable of clear spanning over 24 feet and all the way to 32 feet with center pivot support.

With the Lura Screed, circular pours are as easy as 1-2-3 and can be set-up in 10 minutes.

  1. A base plate is set into the floor before pouring.
  2. The Lura Screed is connected to a shaft placed in the base plate and a center pin is placed into the shaft.
  3. Center pin holds the screed to the concrete and allows for one-person circular screeding.

When finished, the screed, pin and shaft are removed and a small amount of concrete must be filled in. The base plate remains in place under the concrete.

Circular Pouring

For Crowned or Flat Circular Pours 50ft/15.24m or Larger

The Lura Screed's method to strike of circular pours larger than 50ft/15.24m without deflection

  1. From Center Pin measure outwards 15ft/4.572m.
  2. Pound in re-bar or wood stakes approximately 4.5’ft/ 1.3716m apart around the previously measured 15ft/4.572m from Center Pin.
  3. A second person will stand on the outside of the bin pulling the string tight to the outside form. The first person will pound a  stake to the appropriate height for yoke system.
  4. The other end of the string is fastened to the Center Pin at the predetermined floor height.
  5. For each additional stake elevation using a laser level instead of string will ensure accuracy. This process will take 21-24 stakes/Yokes. Lura Enterprises recommends using only Mako or MegaScreed Yoke Systems.

 Diagram for a large circular pour method (PDF)

Flat Circular Pours

Features & Benefits

Efficient: Circular pours are almost effortless using our center pivot on the inside and form runners on the outside of the screed. Contractors have reported being able to pour 30 foot bin floors with only a two-man crew.

User-Friendly: The lightweight design and easy clean-up are just some of the many reasons our contractors prefer the Lura Screed. Competitive units often need multiple crew members with several hours (and sometimes days!) of time spent on the set-up and cleaning process. One man can easily set up or clean up our roller screeds in five minutes or less. 

Grain Bin Package

Recommended by Lura Enterprises

Grain Bin Package

Each package includes the powerful and efficient 50cc Honda gas motor, screed section lengths of 20 foot, 12 foot, 6 foot, and 3 foot or 4 foot, our 6 inch wall plug, 3 collapsible tripod set-up stands, 1/8 inch form runner, grain bin bearing, straight metal handle and the accessory tote. In total, this package offers everything needed for grain bin applications in one convenient bundle. The beauty of this bundle is that crews can customize to just about any grain bin pour out there.

Center Pin Pivot

Replaces the handle of the screed and is adjustable to both height and pitch. This simple invention has revolutionized the way contractors do circular pours by allowing the center to be adjusted to the desired height, while removing the need for a person to operate the non-motor side.

The Form Runner

Slides over any section of screed tube and rides between the rotation of the screed and the form, preserving the life of the Lura Screed roller.