The combination of the Lightning Strike’s powerful engine and lightweight, easy-to-use design, make it the product of choice for large, high volume pours. With the flexible and customizable system included in the basic contractors package, and additional extension tubes available for purchase, the Lightning Strike system easily manages pours up to 40 feet wide while maintaining a precise and level application.

There will be some deflection after 22 feet so in cases where a very flat pour is necessary, wide pours are probably not the way to go. However, for some projects sloping or deflection isn’t going to affect the final outcome. Because of Lura’s threaded axle system, crews have the choice to power up both sides of the screed if necessary in order to tackle a large job, quickly and efficiently.



Transportability:Lura’s roller screed is lightweight and extremely portable. It can be lifted by one man and transported in a truck, without the need for an expensive job trailer.

Very portable and light.


Versatility: The Lightning Strike’s patented threaded axle system accommodates any size of pour. In a snap, the individual sections can be combined to create the ideal length up to 40 feet.


Tips for Success: It’s important to remember that whenever possible, operate your motor off the right side of the screed. In doing so, the natural action of the roller is always “tightening” those threads. If you do move the motor to the left side, use the T-handle wrench to adjust your set screws. In this application, the spinning of the screed will work to “loosen” the thread. The set screw will ensure the screed connection stays firm and your crew should periodically check and tighten it as needed.

For pours wider than 24’ the Lura team advises running a screed pipe down the middle of the pour to control any deflection.


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