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Jobs You Thought Were Impossible Are Just A Screed Away From Possible


Contractor Package

Don’t know where to start? No problem! We designed the Contractor Package to eliminate confusion about what to use for each application by putting everything into one convenient bundle. With 44 feet of screed included, The Lura Contractor Package gives concrete professionals the power to do the job today and versatility to face the pours of tomorrow.

In total, this package’s four tubes can be threaded together to offer 30 different length combinations! From sidewalks to grain bins to foundation floors, Lura Screed has a solution for every application.

See how our tubes THREAD TOGETHER here!

The Contractor Package is versatile and extremely popular, but we are always willing to do custom orders for any contractor’s needs, up to 26 feet. Tubes are offered in one-foot increments, from 2- to 6-feet. Beyond 6-feet tubes are available in two-foot increments up to 20 feet.

Screed Contractor Package

Grain Bin Package

This package offers everything needed for grain bin concrete applications in one convenient bundle. The beauty of this bundle is that crews can customize to just about any circular pour out there. The Center Pin Pivot replaces the handle of the screed. This simple invention has revolutionized the way contractors do circular pours by allowing the center to be adjusted to the desired height. The Center Pin Pivot also removes the need for a person to operate the non-motor side which helps with labor. Contractors are pouring longer pads with less workers.

Grain Bin Package

Pervious Package

Pervious Concrete is the most environmentally friendly process the concrete industry can produce. Our Pervious Package was crafted specifically for the contractor who wants to be proficient in pervious placement including all the options to handle any size job, quickly and easily delivering the finest finished product to your clients. 

Pervious Package