Most paving equipment is designed to place concrete on fairly level surfaces. But the world isn’t flat, and sometimes structures, such as canals or drainage channels, require placing concrete on a slope. Lightning Strike Screed is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for uphill, downhill, and other sloped pours.

With competitive systems, working on an incline or slope can be back breaking labor. Those systems often require striking off the concrete going up the slope causing operators to fight not only the weight and friction of the concrete they are striking off, but also the force of gravity. The Lightning Strike Screed eliminates that backbreaking labor. We encourage contractors to use our system striking off going down hill and working with the force of gravity.



Productivity: With a lightweight design and enhanced features, the Lightning Strike Screed enables striking off the pour traveling down the incline, increasing productivity and minimizing the required number of laborers.

 Enhanced concrete uniformity will be evident with each use of the Lightning Strike screed. The roller system’s mild compression leaves a smooth surface every time.


Wet Screed Shoe: This feature allows crew to pour right next to wet concrete, making Lightning Strike the only concrete roller screed that floats. Simply attach the wet screed shoe to the handle end in place of the wall plug and attach the ergonomic solid handle to give you total control. For monolithic (continuous or one day) pours, the wet screed shoe is irreplaceable.
Wet Screed Shoe

Center Pin Pivot and Electric Motor: Certain applications such as retention ponds and water treatment ponds require a radius slope. Once a challenge that required placement by hand, radius slopes are easy and efficient with the Lura Lightning Strike Screed. With the combination of our center pin pivot and electric motor, contractors can use the roller screed to sweep sideways across the slope.


 Center Pin Pivot


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