Grain Bin Bearing   

The Grain Bin Bearing is a real time saver when it comes to circular pours.  A pipe is pounded into the center of the pour with the top of the pipe at least 3 inches below the form height.  The Center Pivot is then inserted into the pipe.  Use the two coil nuts to adjust to the desire

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6 Inch Wall Plug   

The 6 inch Wall Plug allows the user to screed up against any wall and does 3 things.  It is used to attach a handle to the non-motor side to pull from.  The Riser wheel that is built into the Wall Plug protects the screed as well as existing green concrete.  Finally, the Wall Plug pr

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Adjustable Curb Runner   

Enables the system to ride on top of an existing curb, form or ledge.  Greatly reduces finish time on projicts by eliminating the need to set forms and perform time and labor intensive hand screed work.  Goes from 0 inches to 11.5 inches in half inch incriments.  CLICK FOR VIDEO

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Wall Walker   

This unique accessory allows the screed tube to use and existing wall adjust the non-motor side to the desired height.  The Wall Walker adjusts in 1/4 inch incriments and eliminates the need for a screed pipe.

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Motor Side Axle Extension   

Allows the screed to work within two obstructions with the motor inside the pour. Very important to for pours with clearance issues.  CLICK FOR VIDEO

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Wet Screed Shoe   

The Wet Screed Shoe is an unheard of attachment with any other roller screed.  Because of the screeds lightweight design, this tool will speed up any down-hill slope strike off.  On side by side wet pours, the Shoe eliminates extra work by allowing the handle end to float across the top of

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