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Jobs You Thought Were Impossible Are Just A Screed Away From Possible


THE Lura Roller Screed

Productivity. Ease of Use. Versatility. American made. The Lura Roller Screed offers all the key components for success in flatwork concrete pours. But perhaps the most significant feature of this unique, patented system is one that simply can’t be described in words. When it comes to a challenging or unique concrete pours, the coupling Lura Screed excels like no other.

This is the ONLY roller screed in the world that you can THREAD TOGETHER for customization on any pour! There simply is nothing else like the Lura Screed Advantage

With endless accessories and customization options, configuring the right screed to strike off any pour is a snap.


The Lura Screed is not your average screed. Strategic design and innovative components ensure your results won’t be either.

Patented Threaded Axle System from Lura Screed

Patented Threaded Axle System

Enhances the versatility of the Lura Screed by accommodating to any size or type of pour. Sections can be combined to create the ideal length and a variety of attachments can be easily added to further customize the unit. Our Contractor Package includes 44 total feet of screed for over 30 different coupling combinations. More size options are available, upon request, up to 26 feet.

Construction Grade Aluminum Tubes from Lura Screed

Construction-Grade Aluminum Tubes

Offer rugged, durable design, yet an ideal weight-per-foot ratio. When filled with water, the tubes become the ideal compressive weight to achieve optimal compaction for pervious pours.

The Lura Screed has a lightweight design.

Lightweight Design

Allows easy two-man operation. If you and your crew are still screeding by hand, this system will save you back breaking labor and time. Typical screeds are bulky, heavy and require multiple workers to operate. The Lura Screed is designed to reduce manpower and increase productivity

Gas or Electric Motor

Increases versatility while providing powerful operation on both indoor and outdoor jobsites. Available options include a 50cc Honda gas motor, 100cc Honda gas motor or a dual-drive electric motor.

Gas or Electric Motors are available for the Lura Screed.

Easy Transport Capabilities

Designed to save space and go from jobsite to vehicle in a snap. The screed can be placed on the ladder rack of a pickup truck, freeing up room for additional equipment and supplies.

Easily transport the Lura Screed.

Clevis Articulating, All-Position Handle

Enables optimal results on any raised concrete slab or inclined concrete pour. The pitch of the motor handle can be adjusted to keep the motor upright on any level.

The Lura Screed has an adjustable and all-position handle.

Center Pin Pivot

Maximizes efficiency and results on circular concrete pours. Simply attach to the threaded axle, adjust to height and pitch, and place in the middle of the concrete pad pour for easy, one-man operation and ideal results on circular pours.

Low-Maintenance Design

Promotes fast, easy cleanup. After a pour, the unit may be easily cleaned with a damp towel, keeping maintenance low, while avoiding issues with EPA washout regulations.

Contractor Package

Includes all the necessary equipment for maximum versatility on any pour. Comes with four screed section lengths, three tri-pod stands, two wall plugs, two riser wheels, a powerful gas motor and accessory tote.

Contractor Package from Lura Screed

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Buy with confidence. At Lura Enterprises, we take great pride in our work. We engineer all of our products to meet and exceed the demands of everyday use, delivering unique results and peace of mind for customers. All Lura Screed motors and gears are backed by extensive one-year manufacturer’s warranties. Additionally, we offer the option to purchase a three-year extended warranty, which covers all parts and labor for repairs resulting from manufacturer’s defects. See complete warranty policy for details.