Lura Enterprise Inc.

Jobs You Thought Were Impossible Are Just A Screed Away From Possible


This equipment really works, simplifying our pervious and ready mix pours. Labor saving and popular with the crew.

Kurt Miller-Custom Concrete Contracting, Inc. Bellingham, WA


Lura screed team is professional and helpful to get the equipment delivered to satisfied client from USA to other side of world (Latvia) in April/May 2020

Artūrs K.

Thanks for the Awesome tool!

Bryan B.

We have been using the Lura Roller Screed since 2006 and couldn't be happier. The motors, rollers, and accessories are very dependable. Dennis and associates continue to improve their product and are always ready to help in any way necessary. We have 5 power units and numerous sized tubes and use these on hundreds of thousands of square feet of residential, commercial, and industrial concrete each year. These are definitely one of the best investments we've made through the years.

Toby Christensen ~ Camrud Foss Concrete Construction, Moorhead, MN

Toby C.

I brought the first Lura screed into Australia 7yrs ago. I have nothing but praise for the Lura screed and the whole Lura family Enterprises. Not only does the screed save us time due to the speed it screeds concrete, but it also has saved us money on labour costs. We simple don’t need as many skilled guys on the job with Lura on site! The screed has paid for itself 20 times over. One other great thing is Lura will never show up late for work or hungover!

Stan & Jason ~ Bee Concreting, Australia

Jason B.

They have the BEST Service after the sale when most companies don’t ensure satisfaction and want to move onto the next sale. Dennis knows that the next sale depends on the service,commitment, and integrity of the company and their product.I recommend Lura and their products to anybody and everyone who wants the finest product and service!!

Jeff G.

Great product, had ours for over 9 years! Also good to work with if you have any problems they will not only help, but show you what they are doing as well.

Forrest K.

We have had our roller screed for all of 10 years and couldn't be happier!! its a back saver and makes placing concrete so much easier! Great company and products.

James G.

This is one of the best pieces of machinery to make the placement of concrete easier. If you don't like bending over I strongly suggest purchasing a Laurel screed system.

Joe K.